Made in Brazil

Made in Brazil

We did a few projects together when we met in 2016, the same year we moved to the Netherlands. By then, we had so many things to sort out that the partnership slept away.

Tropicalia was born on an afternoon in 2022 while brainstorming over our past work. We were doing some collages, and Renata’s had this beautiful series of colorful photos ready to sell. I couldn’t hold myself but to ask, “Can I paint over your photos?” That’s how our collaboration began, and we sold all the paintings the next day.

Besides being a unique artwork, we realized that if we put some energy, the project would sky rock. It’s been 5 months of Tropicalia. We are growing, our style is evolving, and Tropicalia is everywhere. And I can say it has been a lifesaver for our weekly meetings.



The very first ones. 



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