Tropicalia Dance: a 24h art getaway

Tropicalia Dance: a 24h art getaway

In a moment filled with mixed emotions, as Stephanie prepared for her heart surgery, we knew deep down that everything would be fine. However, there was a lingering sense that this could potentially be our last precious moments together. The power of contemplating the possibility of losing your best friend is indescribable.

With this in mind, we made a conscious decision to make every second count. We embarked on a 24-hour getaway, immersing ourselves in painting, heartfelt conversations, laughter, and most importantly, dancing. Our brushes moved tirelessly, capturing the essence of our experiences with eyes wide open and closed, until our crayons were depleted and our fingers ached.

Amidst sipping ciders and indulging in a few cigarettes, we continued our creative journey. The bond we share is truly special - time seems to fly when we are together, and we effortlessly complement one another's artistic expressions.

This collection, "Close Your Eyes and Feel the Heartbeat," is a testament to the power of friendship, resilience, and the beauty that can emerge from even the most challenging moments. Each artwork encapsulates the depth of our connection and the profound experiences we shared during those precious 24 hours.

Join us on this emotional journey as we celebrate life, friendship, and the art that emerges when we seize the moment.




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